JOS TORC Light Abrasive Cleaning.

JOS Torc light abrasive cleaning is preferred by the Heritage Organisations on older or listed buildings, the technology leaves little to no damage on surfaces like traditional Sand Blasting Systems, Delicate and Intricate Stone Surfaces can be cleaned with peace of mind as this gentle process is designed for the most delicate of jobs. Worried About Damage? Talk to us now.…

JOS TORC Blasting Systems


JOS TORC, Historical & Heritage, Little to No Damage.

For the finer details of brick or stonework, restoration or sensitive areas.

The JOS TORC system is powered by compressed air and uses a mixture of fine inert powder and water which is propelled through a special interchangeable nozzle, this creates a gentle swirling vortex which will gently clean and remove. The system can be used for the safe removal of certain paints, dirt, carbon, scale, graffiti, fungus and algae build ups etc… The benefits of JOS TORC mean that sensitive areas can be cleaned or restored with little to no damage to the substrate either by physical or chemical processes.

This system can be used dry or wet and any dust or debris produced by using this light abrasive system can be reduced by using wet minimizing any airborne dust that would normally be created. Many within the conservation industry prefer JOS TORC on conservation and heritage projects or on older and listed buildings.

We undertake all types of work on Commercial, Public and Industrial Buildings,  Individual Properties, Architecture &  Monuments our growing database of satisfied clients range from small businesses to large corporations.

Competitive Prices, Fully Qualified & Friendly Service.

Environmentally Friendly, leaving NO MESS as it simply washes away with water.

JOS TORC Blasting Historical

Heritage, Monuments & Brickwork Cleaning

JOS TORC Blasting Systems

Cleaning Stonework & Stripping Metalwork

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Soda, JOS/TORC, Doff. Part of the GJ Miles Group.

Historical & Heritage, Monuments, Brickwork Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Food Preparation Equipment, Paint Stripping, Fire Damage, Trucks, Boats, Commercial Kitchens & many more...

Timber, Aluminium, Chrome, Brick, Stone, Rubber, Carbon Fibre, Sandstone, Fibreglass, Stainless Steel, Glass & Any Delicate Surface Area.

The softness of the Soda, JOS TORC or Doff abrasive restores without unwanted damage.

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